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  • No/no Multi-seed Wild Bird Feeder

    Model: RBMS00341
    The newest bird feeder in the No/No line. The Multi Seed Feeder is made for mixed seed. The Multi Seed feeder combines stylish design with the best features available today. Our patented feeding system with baffle dispenses seed evenly through mesh sides and in two trays. All metal rigid feeder is brick red and black to make this a standout. 14 inch in height it has a 4lb seed capacity.
  • No/no Finch Feeder Green And Black

    Model: GB5F00340
    Each opening in the metal mesh sidewalls becomes a seed station for birds using the no/no finch feeder. The largest feeding surface in the bird feeder industry. Our unique baffle device helps keep feed at upper levels instead of letting them run dry as birds deplete the seed. Holds approx. 2 pounds of nyjer seed.
  • No-no Basket Birdfeeder

    Model: B00302
    The No-No Bird Feeder (No Wood, No Plastic) is a collapsible wire basket feeder that will last for years and is ideal for feeding black oil sunflower seeds. Feeds 10 to 15 birds at once, and attracts both clinging and perching birds.
  • Green Hourglass No/no Bird Feeder

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: GHG00318
    No Wood and No Plastic. Built for the serious birder, this new design holds over 6 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds. Double-tiered perching rings create lots of room for 15 or more birds. Comes fully assembled.