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Keeping poultry may seem simple, but chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, quail, pheasants and other common poultry can have very complex needs. Proper shelter, food, supplemental heating, waterers and even toys and entertainment can help you keep your poultry safe and healthy so the entire flock will thrive. Whether you keep just a few birds or have a larger, mixed flock, heirloom breeds or special needs birds, we can help you with all the best supplies to keep your birds happy.

Our range of poultry supplies includes:

  • Poulin Grain Feed
  • Southern States
  • Purina
  • Organic Green Mountain Feed
  • Oyster Shells & Grit
  • Multiple Chicken Treats
  • Feeders & Waterers
  • Egg Cartons
  • Live Chicks- Available March thru May depending on availability. Inquire at store on breeds.
  • Poultry Fencing
  • Heat Lamps & Bulbs

Stop in! Our knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to help with all your chicken needs.