Product Info

Poulin Grain Forage Extender Super Bites Horse Feed 50lb


Formulated to provide essential quality fiber in the horse’s diet. May be used to replace up to half of the forage in an animals’ diet on a pound for pound basis.

  • Features sources of highly digestible fiber - Soy Hulls, and Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal
  • No molasses
  • 80% digestible fiber vs. a maximum of 50% digestible fiber in hay
  • 12% protein vs. hay protein of 5-8% (depending on crop)
  • Balanced Ca:P ratio
  • Yeast Culture is added to aid in the proper digestion of the fiber in the horses diet, allowing the horse to get the most out of the ration
  • Flavor to enhance palatability
  • Meet horse’s energy requirements with less lbs of concentrate


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